Perfect American football clothes do not restrict the players’ movements. The unique clothes’ design enables to insert protective gear inside them comfortably.


Choose handball clothes resistant to damage resulting from the contact-related characteristics of that sport. Great textiles, perfect design not restricting the movements — see these unique clothes for the whole team!


Check how comfortable the customized boxing shorts manufactured by us are! They guarantee freedom of movement and optimum exchange of moisture and heat.

Sports outfits with a customized print are something no sports team can miss. We manufacture unique sports outfits customized to the needs of our customers, including soccer, American football or lacrosse players.

Having consulted the players of different sports disciplines, we have managed to acquire the required expertise concerning perfect sports clothes. The experience and opinions of our customers help us improve the sports outfits manufactured by us to meet their high expectations. Every sport has different characteristics which is why our specialists design T-shirts and outfits meeting the requirements set for them. The sports outfits we manufacture most often include customized handball and American football clothes.

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Sportspeople appreciate the high quality of textiles used to make our sports clothes. Their perfect design ensuring unrestricted freedom of movement enables the sportspeople to devote entirely to sports with no concerns related to their comfort as a result of uncomfortable clothes.

The number of our happy customers proves that what we do has some deeper sense! We have immense ambitions to become the leader which will become a serious competitor for other sports clothes’ manufacturers. We wish to appeal to true sportsmen, passionate people aware of their needs.

Our long practice acquired when designing sports clothes as well as numerous consultations with sportspeople enabled us to create outfits corresponding to their true needs.

Our customized sports clothes are always subject to tests checking their strength and resistance to any difficulties likely to appear during the workout, match and fight.

We use top-quality textiles ensuring the clothes do not cause any problems when used. We employ cutting-edge flexible threads thanks to which the outfits manufactured by us have durable seams.

Designing the sports clothes is our passion started by Bartosz Ludomir Wcisło. The story of the brand founder shows how hard work, determination, introduction of cutting-edge solutions to the company enabled to create a strong brand manufacturing clothes for American football, handball, boxing etc.

At present we take a high place in the ranking of sports clothes’ manufacturers but we do not wish to stop here. We know we are able to become a brand selected most often by sportspeople not only in Poland but also worldwide. 

Learn more about the history of our brand which has been on the market since 1998! We are certain every day brings us closer to making our dreams come true and to achieving the objective of delivering the best outfits worldwide to sportspeople thanks to which they will be able to focus entirely on what they are doing, without being afraid to damage their clothes.

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